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Ensuring indoor air quality is an essential precondition for human health and undisturbed industrial processes. Wherever people spend prolonged periods of time and materials are machined or processed at any level of manufacturing, indoor air is contaminated by dust, aerosols, smoke, vapours, odours or germs. Depending on environmental conditions, air coming in from outside contains contaminants like pollen, fine dust and hazardous airborne substances.

Indoor air quality is adjusted by customized cooling and air conditioning technologies. A large variety of stationary and mobile filter and separation systems for collecting and cleaning exhaust air and gas streams are available. Operators must be able to rely on the performance and operational safety of these systems.

We support industry, building occupants and builders with our accredited laboratories protecting people, machines and products from hazardous air contaminants. We have years of experience in the fields of technical hygiene, testing filters and systems, and the implementation of environmental tests. We discover the reasons for contaminations and provide assistance in planning remedial measures. To solve these tasks, our experts make use of high quality stationary and mobile measuring and analytical devices.

As independent service provider and subsidiary of TÜV NORD we analyse indoor air quality, test performance and functions of technical products for air treatment and certify these for TÜV NORD and other organizations. In addition, we conduct application related product tests according to your specifications. Our customers profit from our professional standards of service and the excellent reputation of TÜV NORD certificates.

We are an accredited test laboratory for workplace measurements according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

We give clean air the ‘all clear’! We measure, test and certify

  • quickly and independently
  • according to national and international standards and directives
  • according to your specifications

Reduced test procedure of ZLS (Central German Body for Safety Technology) for corona masks in Germany

With immediate effect, TÜV NORD CERT will carry out the appropriate testing of protective masks together with DMT’s test laboratory.

Thanks to its many years of experience, DMT's additional offer of testing protective masks against coronavirus using the reduced test procedure will help it to provide more tested protective filters in Germany at short notice.

This makes the filter test laboratory of DMT in Essen (Laboratory for Air Hygiene) one of three laboratories in Germany that are suitable for testing corona masks according to the newly established test principle. The aim is to make protective masks, which up to now have not been able to carry the required CE mark, available with targeted tests in the fight against the coronavirus.

The EU Commission's recommendation (2020/403) of March 13, 2020, forms the basis of the new streamlined test procedure, according to which the market supervisory authorities may define simplified procedures for the procurement of so-called corona masks. The reduced test procedures are intended to ensure that only qualified masks that offer appropriate protection can be approved for supply by the market supervisory authorities. This means that protective masks that have not undergone the very complex assessment process of the EU conformity assessment required by the PPE Regulation (EU 2016/425) can be made available to the German market as an exception.

After successful testing, TÜV NORD CERT will produce a test report to confirm compliance with the test policy, irrespective of standards or the PPE Regulation.