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Heat and smoke vent

CO Warning Systems / Ventilation Systems / Heat and Smoke Venting Systems

Which, in addition to mechanical and natural smoke extraction systems, also include overpressure systems for the escape of smoke from rescue routes (eg Süla), are part of the technical fire protection. Smoke control is a central element of the fire protection, in order to ensure escape and rescue possibilities and, on the other hand, to avoid smoke poisoning. The latter are a major cause of death in case of fire.
The demand for smoke and heat extraction systems is found both in building law, in particular the special building rights of the Länder, and partly in the fire protection concept.
The statutory test requirements according to the test regulations of the federal states are linked to these requirements.

Ventilation and CO warning systems in closed medium and large garages

shall ensure that toxic CO or other pollutants from vehicles do not lead to health hazards of persons in closed garages. At the same time ventilation in garages is often a source of smoke for escape routes.
The statutory test requirements according to the test regulations of the Länder are linked to these requirements.

For this, we offer you the following services by our experts:

  • Tests of RWA, mechanical ventilation systems and CO warning systems before commissioning, after substantial modification or recurring
  • Examination of the design planning for compliance with building requirements
  • Building supervision by our independent experts or within the framework of fire protection.


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