Operator Responsibility Management

is the implementation of statutory and contractual requirements for the safe operation of your real estate and its facilities.

There are a number of obligations on security, such as security. The fire protection and the company safety ordinance. The numerous interfaces to real estate users and service providers lead to a complex organization task.

Only through a systematic analysis can the requirements and risks be identified. The knowledge of safe risk assessment makes it possible to define safe and economic measures. The integration into a suitable organization leads to appropriate control and permits a legally secure documentation.

As a result, efficient operator liability management leads to a secure and efficient real estate operation. It is an effective risk minimization and reduces your liability risks and leads to the perception of your responsibility in Facility Management.


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We offer you the following services:

Analysis and inventory of your:

  • Real Estate
  • building installations and facilities
  • Structure and process organization in FM
  • FM documentation
  • Assessment of operational risks in FM

Recommendations for action and assistance:

  • Implementation assistance and supplementation of missing documents
  • Establishment of an object-specific cadastre of your operator obligations in the FM
  • Information on new operators' obligations
  • analysis of contracts and advice from external partner jurists
  • Regular safety audits (taking into account legal innovations)

Seminars and trainings on the topic of operator responsibility


Visit our educational site: Seminar Betreiberverantwortung im Facility Management.

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