Fire and Explosion Protection in Industry

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Fire Testing

Engineering & Drive Technology

Testing Competencies in the Industry Sector

Safety and Quality of products and processes are the main success factors within a company.

As an testing organization within the TÜV NORD Group we conduct independent tests withtin the industry sector. Our testing laboratories in Dortmund, Essen, Krefeld and <link internal-link internen>Lathen are available to test various requirements. 

As an example, the assessment of air quality properties of household appliances is enabled through special knowledge in the field of filter and seperation technology. Also, we are able to determine and assessthe properties of of cooling and air conditioning systems. In our laboratories fire tests are conducted in the fields of Building & Construction, Shipbuilding, Rolling Stock and Personal Protective Equipment. Fire tests are also conducted under realistic conditions and with up to multiple megawatts of thermal power. As a neutral and independent testing laboratory we also assess drive components with regard to their warrented properties such as function, strength, heating, losses and efficiency as well as noise generation and vibration. On our own testing facilities with a capacity of up to 3,000 kW we also conduct indiviualized testing programs according to your specifications. At the DMT rope testing facility various ropes and their conjunctions are tested either on test rigs or during operation directly on site.

It is our goal to provide you with integrated solutions from a single source. Your safety is our success.