Fire Protection




Fire protection in buildings and installations

For owners and operators of buildings or technical installations, safety and profitability are paramount. Against this background, the DMT develops comprehensive safety concepts which are used to implement relevant guidelines in a cost-effective, individual and efficient manner.

We supervise special constructions of any kind during the planning and construction phase and pay attention to the necessary fire protection equipment or other relevant regulations.
We ensure that installations or safety engineering are properly accepted and approved. In addition, we check, for example, ventilation and fire extinguishing systems, fire detectors or smoke extraction systems for their operational safety. We test equipment and aggregates in the DMT's own test stands.

In this way, builders and operators get an accurate overall picture of the integrated building technology. All investigations correspond to the current rules. They are recognized by the supervisory authorities nationwide. In order to clarify any questions concerning the warranty or insurance cases, the test scores of the DMT can be used.


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Fire protection concepts and expert opinions

In the planning, construction and operation of buildings and installations, aspects of fire protection must be taken into account in addition to usage-oriented, economic and aesthetic aspects.
The aim is to integrate the fire protection into the desired overall concept in the case of new or existing buildings.

For this reason, our experts and experts always take into account the prevailing resources and individual requirements when compiling the fire protection concepts and assessments in addition to legal and insurance requirements.
As a result, your cooperation creates tailor-made packages developed on the basis of state-of-the-art systems, integrating regulations with specific requirements.

One focus of our consulting activities lies in the design of fire protection for special buildings. Our main work area is in the area of ​​industrial buildings such as Power plants or plants of the chemical industry. We also work on special constructions, e.g. Schools, office buildings, garages, sales and assembly centers, as well as accommodation facilities.
As such structures are becoming more and more complex and larger, it is increasingly our challenge and task to support you in comprehensibly and effectively compensating deviations from legal requirements.


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Site Management - Fire Protection

For owners and operators of buildings or technical installations, safety and profitability are equally of paramount importance. Against this background, we are developing comprehensive, holistic security concepts which can be used to implement relevant guidelines in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

For this purpose, we monitor the design and construction of special constructions of any kind during the planning and construction phase, paying careful attention to the proper installation of the required fire protection equipment and compliance with relevant regulations in order to avoid cost-intensive retrofitting in advance. The certificates, which are frequently required in the building permits - for example to implement the requirements of the fire protection concept - are offered to you as part of a construction supervision as well as a specialist construction fire protection. In addition, our experts and experts are responsible for the proper acceptance and approval of all installations for technical building security and fire protection. This also includes checking the effectiveness and operational safety of the existing ventilation, fire extinguishing and fire detection systems and smoke extraction systems.

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Hazard assessment Fire protection

Hazard assessments with regard to fire protection are necessary due to occupational health and safety and hazardous substances. Concretizations to such risk assessments are formulated in the TRGS 800. The necessity of the hazard assessment exists in every workplace. The complexity of the hazard assessments is particularly high in the chemical industry. We carry out these hazard assessments for you. Not only will your company's experience be taken into account, but your needs will be taken into account by means of protective concepts that have been agreed with you.


TRGS 800
(Fire protection measures)

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Fire protection checks

Our well-known experts for the performance of fire sightings help you to evaluate the fire protection of your company or your facilities. Using our analysis of weaknesses, we identify possible shortcomings in your protection concept and give hints for improvement. Here, the individual ideas of an operator are considered as well as requirements of the licensing authorities.

Fire Simulation

When it comes to determining the actual potential of the fire hazard in a building, we rely on a systematic and reliable assessment. For example, our experts perform real fire tests in addition to computer-assisted simulation in our own test center of the fire protection center. In this way the spread of fire and smoke can be determined under authentic conditions.

But also in the existing, "real" buildings there is the possibility to carry out smoking attempts. On the basis of the numerical and the physical simulation, a double-secured result is obtained. On the one hand, the necessary fire protection equipment can be planned and used in the right way. On the other hand, the results of the simulation help to design the ventilation and smoke removal of the building and optimize the design of the escape routes.

In the context of computer simulation, we simulate the scenario required for an exact analysis. In this case, for example, the courses of temperature and smoke development at specific time intervals are calculated and the prevailing flow conditions are represented in a realistic manner. The method of computer-assisted repositioning has also proved to be very useful in determining the cause of fire.

In the field of practical tests, we use equipment and devices that can be used to simulate almost every fire event. With the help of a hot-air-gas simulation system, a smoke-gas generation of up to 10,000 cubic meters per hour can be simulated. In our special tunnel, large-scale combustion tests with up to 30 megawatts of fire power can be realized.


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Fire and Explosion Cause Detection

If fire or explosion damage has occurred in a building or in an industrial facility, the fire safety authority or the authority can be asked to determine the cause of the event.

Our experts and experts first carry out an inspection of the fire site to document and secure the state of origin. In the course of the objective determination of the cause of fire, the fire detection point is then determined. When this is located, The systematic investigation according to existing fire loads and possible sources of ignition. On the basis of the found fire-typical and non-fritic traces / evidence, the sources of ignition are checked and expediently excluded by means of the elimination method.

Due to the ever-increasing science and technology and the associated specialization of individual experts, many fire causes can only be clarified through internal teamwork. For this purpose, DMT has a network of specialists from a wide range of disciplines. The Brandermittler team can be supplemented by further experts, especially in the case of explosions investigations.

In the course of a reconstruction or if other investigations during the inspection of the fire department make it necessary, one fire test can be imitated in our fire tunnel in Dortmund, depending on the object size.

We also assist you in the selection of appropriate emergency measures to minimize the damage caused and to prevent a renewed fire and explosion event.

For a holistic evaluation as well as for the verification of theoretical considerations, we can carry out tests as well as complementary computer simulations in our own fire lab. The knowledge gained in this process can also help to prevent old errors in the reconstruction of the damaged object.

DMT's detection of fire and explosions is acknowledged nationwide by supervisory authorities, insurance companies and industrial companies, and can be used in conjunction with a final report of the smooth and near-term damage control.

Fire Safety Officers

For our customers, we can provide fire protection officers who carry out regular inspections and inspect the fire protection requirements during operation. In some cases, the appointment of a fire protection officer is required by law. It is generally recommended to order a fire protection specialist for special constructions.

Security Plans

In order to be able to react and react correctly in the event of an emergency, it is necessary to carry out potentially occurring scenarios in advance and to conceptualize and document the required measures plans and strategies in the sense of systematic security.

In addition to the fire protection, the processing of these plans results in cutting quantities for other specialist competencies, For example, occupational health and safety (FaSi), safety and health (SiGeKo), the handling of hazardous substances and markings and questions of the building regulations, which DMT GmbH & Co. KG covers all by its own employees.

Such threat prevention and deployment plans are, a. To be prescribed by the legislature and to be provided by the operator or entrepreneur. These documents can / should also be used for the instruction of your employees.

We are pleased to assist you in the preparation of such plans.

We offer you cheap complete packages, Eg for the organization of your operational fire and explosion protection.

These plans are also partly already for the construction phase (construction site) Eg for new and alterations.

Many directives and standards have changed over recent years, including internationalization and inclusion. Therefore, we advise that security plans should be kept up-to-date at all times and checked every two years at the latest.

The experts of the DMT Center for Fire and Explosion Protection are at the same time qualified persons according to § 20 DGUV regulation 9 (previously: BGV A8) for the preparation and testing of escape and rescue plans as well as specialists for the preparation and testing of fire brigades according to points 3.4 and 4 Of DIN 14095.

DMT GmbH & Co. KG has many years of experience and first-class references, especially in power plant, industrial, residential, transport, administration and school construction.

In the area of ​​special constructions and plants such as sales centers, mines, chemist districts, refineries, food production, landfill sites, tankers, solar, wind and nuclear power plants, the contracting authorities rely on us for our specific expertise.

However, you can also individually commission the following security plans:

  • Evacuation and eviction plans
  • Seating plans in accordance with special building and assembly office regulations of the respective countries in conjunction with ASR A2.3, DIN ISO 23601, DIN SPEC 4844-4, ASR A1.3 and DIN EN ISO 7010 respectively.
  • Escape and rescue plans according to ASR A2.3 and DIN ISO 23601 in conjunction with DIN SPEC 4844-4, ASR A1.3 or DIN EN ISO 7010.
  • Fire brigade and wastewater plans in accordance with DIN 14095 in conjunction with ASR A1.3, DIN EN ISO 7010, DIN 4844-2 and / or the guidelines of the local fire brigade.
  • Fire brigade cards according to DIN 14675 and / or the guidelines of the local fire brigade.
  • Exlosion zone plans according to § 11 (4) DGUV regulation 22 (previously: GUV-V C5).
  • Teaching plans


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