Initial inspection

Initial inspection and recurring tests in accordance with the test regulation compliance

Inspection on air-conditioning systems

Ventilation and air conditioning systems

perform various tasks in the operation of buildings. Functions such as ventilation, air conditioning, smoke extraction or pollutant removal are associated with compliance with protective targets. Thus, e.g. Air quality has an impact on health, while fire protection serves both the protection of life and property values.
In order to ensure that these systems are safe and effective, test regulations are therefore found by experts in various legal regulations.
We offer the following services:

  • Initial acceptance tests and recurring examinations in accordance with the test regulations of different federal states by test experts
  • Examination of the design planning for compliance with building requirements
  • Building supervision by our independent experts or within the framework of fire protection
  • Hygienic inspections according to VDI 6022 and workplace ordinance
  • Initial acceptance tests and recurring tests in accordance with the operational safety ordinance for plants for the reduction of hazardous substances or explosion protection
  • Energetic Inspections n. § 12 Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)


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