Explosion Protection and Prevention

The requirement of explosion protection concepts as well as plant-related concepts of fire protection has gained a new value with the amendment of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance on 01.06.2015. In particular, the risk assessment of fire protection is usually associated with certain "degrees of freedom". Against the background of the fact that the implementation of fire and explosion protection measures in technical installations is often associated with high investments, there are considerable economic opportunities. In practice, however, the "degrees of freedom" also quickly change into open questions and difficult to assess:

  •     Explosion protection - is this relevant in the present case?
  •     Hazard assessment Fire protection - which measures are necessary in addition to building fire protection?
  • Can the system be safely operated in the planned form?

Our strength is to answer such questions safely and economically, especially in complicated process engineering systems. Together with you, we develop the optimal explosion protection concept or fire protection concept for your particular installation, depending on the individual case and protection.

If you are already a step further in the process of testing and optimizing your explosion protection concept, we will help you to implement the specified protective measures during the planning and construction phase, support you in the preparation of the explosion protection document or check the explosion safety of the plant according to BetrSichV. We support operators as part of company risk assessments as well as manufacturers in the risk assessment of planned plants.

If a fire or an explosion event were to occur, we will help you determine the cause and the new concept.


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