Explosion and Fire Investigation

If a fire or explosion damage has occurred in a building or in an industrial plant, it may be necessary to ascertain the cause of the event on the part of the fire brigade or the authority.

Our experts and experts first carry out an inspection of the fire site to document and secure the state of origin. In the course of the objective determination of the cause of fire, the fire detection point is then determined. When this is located, The systematic investigation according to existing fire loads and possible sources of ignition. On the basis of the found fire-typical and non-fritic traces / evidence, the sources of ignition are checked and expediently excluded by means of the elimination method.

Due to the ever-increasing science and technology and the associated specialization of individual experts, many fire causes can only be clarified through internal teamwork. For this purpose, DMT has a network of specialists from a wide range of disciplines. The Brandermittler team can be supplemented by further experts, especially in the case of explosions investigations.

In the course of a reconstruction or if other investigations during the inspection of the fire department make it necessary, one fire test can be imitated in our fire tunnel in Dortmund, depending on the object size.

We also assist you in the selection of appropriate emergency measures to minimize the damage caused and to prevent a renewed fire and explosion event.

For a holistic evaluation as well as for the verification of theoretical considerations, we can carry out tests as well as complementary computer simulations in our own fire lab. The knowledge gained in this process can also help to prevent old errors in the reconstruction of the damaged object.

DMT's detection of fire and explosions is acknowledged nationwide by supervisory authorities, insurance companies and industrial companies, and can be used in conjunction with a final report of the smooth and near-term damage control.

DMT services in the field of fire detection

  • Temporary fire site inspection for documentation and safeguarding the state of origin
  • Determination of the fire breakout point
  • Check and exclude any sources of ignition using the elimination method
  • Sampling and storage, for example of fire debris
  • Preparation of an expert's report
  • Assistance in the selection of appropriate emergency measures,
  • In order to minimize the damage
  • And to prevent a renewed fire and explosion event.

DMT site-related services in the field of fire detection

  • Small-scale tests can be carried out in the DMT brand laboratory for the verification of theoretical considerations
  • Depending on the object size - one to one reconstruction of the fire process
  • Complementary computer simulations
  • Network of experts from various fields
  • Trainings and seminars on various topics in fire protection

External services in the field of fire detection

  • Laboratories for possible examinations of fire residues
  • Laboratories for damage and faults in equipment, systems and systems
  • Use of fire-fighting dogs
  • Mediation of fire dams.


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