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fire extinguishing systems

fire extinguishing systems

such as sprinkler, wall hydrant and gas extinguishing systems, are an important part of the system-specific fire protection. They are often a requirement for building protection, the fire protection concept or even the property insurer.

In order to ensure the safety of these systems, independent legal experts are required to comply with legal regulations or the insurer.

We perform the following statutory and insurance-related examinations:

  • Tests before commissioning and recurring tests of fixed, self-acting and non-automatic fire extinguishing systems according to the test regulations of the different federal states.
  • Initial examinations and recurrent tests of fire extinguishing systems with oxygen-displacing gases (eg CO2 extinguishing systems) by experts in accordance with the safety regulations of the professional associations (DGUV Information 205-026)
  • Acceptance tests and audits according to the requirements of the property insurers
  • "Old plant tests": Testing of sprinkler systems after 25 or 12.5 operating years (pipe network and sprinkler tests)


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With the experience of our experts and the facilities in our center for fire and explosion protection we can also offer you the following services:

  • Expert reports for extinguishing systems connected to drinking water installations
  • Hazard assessments for gas extinguishing systems according to the ordinance on workplaces
  • Extinguishing concepts for special systems and buildings of a special kind and use
  • Tests of approval fire extinguishing systems and special extinguishing systems, such as water mist
  • Large-scale tests in the context of the approval tests for fire extinguishing systems
  • Consultancy services concerning the perception of operator obligations in fire-extinguishing systems (preparation of maintenance plans with control, maintenance and testing obligations)

We test independently and competently. Your security is our goal.