Rückkühlwerk / recooling plant

Cooling Towers

Due to the high risk of legionella outbreaks, operators of these plants are obliged to perform different safety-relevant tasks. These are defined in the 42nd Federal Pollution Control Ordinance of 19.07.2017 as well as the technical regulations VDI 2047 part 2 and page 3.

We offer the necessary services with the experience, quality and safety of an expert company of the TÜV NORD Group.

Our independence ensures that safety is the focus when evaluating your equipment. We are limited to services related to the testing and control of recirculation units, regardless of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment (eg. biocides). This means in detail:

  • Hazard assessment of your plants by our experts. This gives you a competent and independent assessment as well as the derivation of necessary measures, eg. for maintenance and operation (by the inspection body of TÜV NORD CERT GmbH, an affiliated company of DMT in the TÜV NORD Group)
  • Testing on legionella and total germ count by our laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025. A qualified sampling as well as the examination in our laboratory gives you the certainty of a recognized result.
  • Microbiological control: For the 14-day microbiological checks on the total germ count, we provide you with the necessary examination material and a simple shipping service. You can obtain the results documentation on the internet based on your wishes, and you can keep an eye on the water quality.
  • Inspection by our expert, who according to the 42nd Federal Pollution Control Ordinance has the necessary public order and swearing in for refrigeration plants. In combination with our microbiological know-how, you get maximum safety with us.


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