Drinking Water Installations

can impair the quality of drinking water both chemically and microbiologically. This is associated with health risks, e.g. from lead or legionella. The Federal Ministry of Health assumes that there are about 32,000 legionella infections in Germany every year, with a death rate of about 10%. These figures illustrate the scope of the problem and the risk associated with its operation.

The Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) therefore requires the building operator to comply with the generally recognised rules of technology. And, if larger drinking water systems with a storage tank volume >400l and/or a pipe volume > 3l from the outlet of the storage tank to the last tap are present, depending on the type of use, examinations for legionella are required either annually or at least every 3 years.

If the technical measure value for legionella is reached or even exceeded in these tests, the operator must also arrange for a risk assessment (formerly "hazard analysis"). This involves checking the drinking water installation for compliance with the technical regulations, assessing deficiencies for health risks and determining remedial measures.

As an expert company and a testing laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025, we understand both professional drinking water testing and the competent and comprehensive safety assessment of your drinking water installation.

The Drinking Water Ordinance specifies the microbiological requirements for drinking water in § 6 and the chemical requirements in § 7 and sets limit values. Apart from the obligation for regular legionella testing, it does not make any concrete requirements for the frequency of testing of all other microbiological and chemical parameters. However, the Occupational Health and Safety Act points out in § 5 that the employer must determine the hazards associated with their work for the employees. This includes, in particular, hazards from the use of utilities (e.g. drinking water). System-oriented risk assessments can be carried out for this purpose.

From us you get from one source, e.g.

  • Qualified sampling of drinking water according to TrinkwV
  • Microbiological, chemical and physical analyses of drinking water
  • Risk assessments by experts
  • Hygienic-technical inspections and assessments of drinking water installations
  • The preparation of remediation proposals for contaminated drinking water installations
  • The monitoring and control of remediation measures
  • Carrying out an initial hygiene inspection in accordance with VDI 6023 Sheet 1


We test independently and competently. Your security is our goal.