Wheel Mark


Certification of marine equipment

In order for products such as fire protection equipment to be used on ships flying European flags, they must undergo the EC conformity assessment procedure described in the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU. Depending on the selected module combination, you as the customer will receive corresponding certificates at the end of the procedure, e.g.

  • an EC type-examination certificate (module B) and
  • a certificate of conformity with regard to quality assurance related to the production process (Module D), the product (Module E) or a (statistical) test or trial of the individual product (Module F).

Upon receipt of the two "certificates", you as the customer are entitled to affix the "wheel mark" to the product. Due to the MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement) between the EU and the USA, the DMT certification body is authorised to issue a US Coast Guard approval number without additional inspection or certification.

Scope of services of the DMT Certification Body

As part of DMT GmbH & Co. KG, the DMT Certification Body is a Notified Body according to § 3 of the Marine Equipment Ordinance (SchAusrV). The DMT Certification Body is recognised by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) and has been listed by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure ("BMVI") under the identification number 2509 in "Nando" (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations). The notification applies to fire protection equipment in accordance with Directive 2014/90/EU for marine equipment.

The DMT Certification Body is thus authorised to carry out EC conformity assessments for fire protection equipment in accordance with Directive 2014/90/EU for modules B, D, E and F and to issue the corresponding certificates.

Further IMO-listed test laboratories for the required type tests can be found here:
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Values and Impartiality

The certification body of DMT GmbH & Co. KG is committed to impartiality in all certification activities.

Our highly qualified, trained and sensitised employees consider conflicts of interest in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17021 and ISO 17065 using a defined process. This process is in line with our company's policy statement and code of conduct. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our employees act impartially and objectively to avoid potential conflicts of interest and ensure the integrity of our certification and review processes.

In order to ensure impartiality, the certification body of DMT GmbH & Co. KG do not offer advice or participate in the following topics:

  • the designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining or distributing of a certified product or a product to be certified
  • the designing, implementing, operating or maintaining of a certified process or a process to be certified
  • the designing, implementing, providing or maintaining of a certified service or a service to be certified

Beyond this, we do not offer consulting on management systems or support in conducting internal audits. Our focus is exclusively on the objective assessment and certification of your products, processes and systems.


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