Luftqualität Labor

Test rig acc. EN 1822

Testing and certification of air-purity products and systems

As independent service providers, we carry out normative and application-related examinations of stationary and mobile systems and products dedicated to the maintenance of air purity. As a subsidiary of TÜV NORD we also issue certificates. We test and certify single products and product types in accordance with the relevant norms and your specifications.

We examine systems with different working principles: 

  • Filtering separators
  • Inertial separators (cyclones)
  • Electrostatic separators
  • Scrubbers
  • Odour separators (absorbers)

Norm-based testing covers

  • Air filter media and indoor air filter elements
  • Suction air filters for combustion engines
  • Cabin air filters for vehicles and working machines
  • Stationary and mobile dust separators for industry
  • Vacuum cleaners and indoor air cleaners for households
  • Aerosol separators and separating systems for commercial kitchens

We work with experts from TÜV NORD Systems GmbH to determine the emission grade of allergens, germs and specific chemicals from air products like vacuum cleaners or disinfection systems.

Furthermore, we carry out system-related emission measurements and test the performance of emission- reduction processes in their specific environments. Practical examples are street cleaning vehicles or waste treatment plants.

We carry out tests that are beyond legal specifications:

  • Examination of pulse cleaning
  • Determination of air permeability
  • Determination of bursting pressure
  • System tests and special tests on customer demand

Our laboratory equipment allows for testing with volume flows from 0.001 m3/min (1 litre per minute) up to 1,000 m3/min. Our testing operations thus cover the full spectrum of test tasks and can cope with the extremely large range of construction sizes and loads of filters and systems.

The standards for system and filter tests for different application fields are listed here:

Air filter media

  • VDI 3926-1, DIN ISO 11057 Air quality - Test method for filtration characterization of cleanable filter media
  • DIN EN 779: Particulate air filters for general ventilation - Determination of the filtration performance (Coarse and fine dust filter media)
  • DIN EN 1822-3: Testing high efficiency air filter media

Indoor air filters

  • DIN EN 779: Particulate air filters for general ventilation - Determination of the filtration performance
  • DIN EN ISO 16890-1 to -4: Air filter for general ventilation (efficiency classification based on fine dust – PMx)
  • DIN EN 1822:2011: Testing high efficiency air filters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA) 
  • DIN EN ISO 29462: Field testing of general ventilation filtration devices and systems
  • Eurovent 4/21-2014: Classification of indoor air filters (fine dust filters) according to their energy use

Cabin air filters, filters for protection cabins

  • DIN 71460-1&-2 / ISO/TS 11155-1: Test standard for cabin air filters
  • DIN EN 15695-1&-2: Testing cabins and cabin air filters for agricultural tractors and self-propelled crop protecting machines
  • ISO 10263-2: Testing of air filter elements for operator enclosures of earth moving machines
  • ISO 14269-4: Testing of air filter elements for operator enclosures for tractors and self-propelling agricultural and forest machines

Dust extractors and industrial vacuum cleaners containing filters

  • DIN EN 60335-2-69 App. AA: Testing and certification of industrial vacuum cleaners and dust removing machines
  • DIN EN ISO 15012-1: Equipment for capture and separation of welding fume (testing of welding fume separators)
  • DIN 8416:2000: Dust extractors for commercial applications

Household applications of air filters

  • DIN EN 60312-1: Vacuum cleaners for household use – test procedures and testing of vacuum cleaner bags & exhaust air filters
  • VDI 4709: Central vacuum cleaning systems
  • ANSI/AHAM Ac-1-2015: Method for measuring performance of portable household electric room air cleaners
  • VDI 6022, sheet 5(new)/VDI 6033 sheet 1(old): Products and components for avoidance of allergenic exposure

Specific emission measurements and emission reduction processes

  • DIN EN 1093 sheets 1-11: Safety of machinery - Assessment of the emission of airborne hazardous substances, VDI 2095 part 1: Treatment of mineral construction-site and demolition waste - Stationary and mobile demolition waste recycling facilities, & part 2: Storage, handling, treatment of mixed construction-site and demolition waste, bulky waste, and commercial waste; Emission control of machines with integrated systems for emission reduction 
  • DIN EN 15429-3: Sweepers – Part 3: Efficiency of particulate collection – Testing and Evaluation, VDI 2096-1: Sweepers
  • VDI 4285-1:2005/VDI 4285-2:2011/VDI 4285-3:2015: Evaluation of “diffuse sources” for determining the efficiency of emission reduction measures

 Aerosol separators and aerosol separating systems

  • ATC-140: Emission measurements at cooling towers (demisters)
  • DIN EN 13181:2001, Performance testing of louvres subject to simulated sand
  • DIN 18869-5:2007, Aerosol separators for commercial kitchens, testing of flame resistance
  • DIN 18869-7, Installations for treatment of cooking fumes, requirements and testing
  • LPS 1263, Classification of aerosol separators for commercial kitchens
  • UL 1046:2000, Determination of grade of separation in aerosol separators
  • VDI 2052-1:1999, Determination of fractional separation efficiency of aerosol separators