test dusts are reference materials

Test dusts

DMT GmbH & Co. KG produces standardized and customized test dusts for different industry branches and applications. In our analytics laboratory we carry out dust-related tests, e.g. with bulk and other dust-generating materials.

Our services:

  • Production and sale of miscellaneous test dusts including our well known
  • DMT Test Dust Type 8®.

This is a synthetic dust for testing vacuum cleaners and is listed under DIN IEC 60312. Among other uses, this test dust is used to determine the loss of suction capacity during the filling of the vacuum cleaner bag. This dust simulates real household dust with respect to its separation characteristics in the cleaner bag.

The specifications and quality control of the raw materials used and the resulting test dust ensure test procedures of the highest quality. This enables staff to reproduce, from test to test, physical behaviours such as dust-cake formation in the bag or the tendency of the dust to block parts of the vacuum cleaner. Contrary to real household dust, which is contaminated, the DMT test dust is free of pollen, mould, bacteria and possibly toxic substances.

Test dusts are reference materials (RM)

All dusts are not alike! Chemical compositions, particle size distributions, morphologies, densities and other characteristics differ depending on the dusting materials, the process of dust generation and the environmental conditions. Using test dusts as reference materials, lab staff simulate, as exactly and comprehensively as possible, the dust exposure of products in real-life situations.

Depending on whether the performance of a vacuum cleaner filter or gas turbine filter is being measured or whether the dust resistance of technical components has to be tested, the test dust being used must always have the same properties as the dust which the test specimen has to withstand in the real-life situation.

DMT manufactures test dusts to a large variety of specifications for filter tests or environmental tests. The dusts comply with the relevant standards and meet individual customer requirements.

Test dusts in compliance with international standards

Due to increasing awareness of the noxious effect of fine dust, the norms relating to air filter media and test procedures for air filter products have become more stringent.

This is reflected in the increasing number of test standards in the field of air filtration. These standards govern the procedures for measuring and evaluating the performance of filter products and the materials to be used in these procedures. Through compliance with these standards, independent laboratories are able to achieve test results that are reproducible and comparable worldwide.

Depending on the use to which they are put, machines, consumer products and electronic or optical components must be dust-proof and dust resistant. These applications, too, are subject to a wide range of test norms.

Test dusts with precisely defined properties are instrumental in the achievement of reproducible test results. We supply the reference material that you need.

High manufacturing standards

The more precise the specification of a test dust is, the more reproducible and comparable the test results are. Filter testing in particular is subject to narrow tolerance ranges concerning composition and particle size distribution of the dust. The utmost care must therefore be taken when selecting and processing raw materials.

Minerals like quartz, alumina, or calcium oxide, salts and organic fibres like cotton or cellulose are the main components of test dust and dust mixtures for filter tests.

With minerals, the particle size distribution is adjusted by milling and fractionation processes. Fibrous materials are cut to the required length. Extensive interior and exterior quality checking of raw materials and intermediate and final products takes place at various stages of the dust manufacturing process. The result is professionally manufactured products that are able to deliver reliable and trustworthy test results.

Customized test dusts

Do you need a test dust with specific properties, with particularly abrasive particles or specific size distributions or made of certain materials, for instance? We produce your test dust according to your specifications, in small or large quantities. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you wish, you can also play a part in our research and development by allowing us to be involved in your own tests and projects.

Other dusts are available on demand and we produce test dusts to suit customer requirements.


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Standard Designation Description / use
ISO 12103 Mineral standard test dusts A1 (ultrafine) A2 (fine) A3 (medium) A4 (coarse) For various filter and environmental testing procedures
EN ISO IEC 60312 „Vacuum cleaners for household use“ / Mineral dust Mineral dust Type 1 To determine dust removal from hard flat floors / Carpet test dust Mineral dust Type 2 For determination the removal ability from carpets / Simulated household dust DMT test dust Type 8 For establishment of the filled dust receptacle condition / Mineral dust Type 3 Dust loading mineral dust (part of DMT test dust Type 8) / Emission test dust Mineral dust Type 4 Dust for measurement of dust emission Cellulose dust Arbocel Very pure cellulose fibers (part of DMT test dust Type 8)
5.1.5 / 7.2.5 Moulding granules Determination of the maximum usable volume of the dust receptacle
ARAMCO 32-SAMSS 008 ARAMCO Prüfstaub Testing of gas turbine inlet air filter
DIN EN 60335-2-69 Anhang AA Mineral dust Test of industrial vacuum cleaners & deduster / filter testing for air recirculation to workplace
ASTM F 608 A1 Mineral dust Talcum Carpet test dust, vacuum cleaner examination