Conveyor Belt Testing

Steel cable conveyor belts are the key means of conveying products and are sometimes even used for the transportation of people. They have to meet high operational and safety requirements.

Precise information about any damage to the inner steel cords (steel wires) can be supplied by non-destructive magneto-inductive conveyor belt testing. This covers:

  • Damage to the steel cords, e.g. strand and cord breakage and corrosion
  • Irregularities in cord pitch and splice
  • Other irregularities

Our testing programme includes:

  • Testing of all types of steel cord conveyor belts
  • Testing at conveyance speed
  • Testing while in operation; test equipment on bottom belt during conveyance
  • Testing in hazardous areas where there is a risk of firedamp and explosion (approved equipment)
  • Testing of special conveyor types, e.g. toothed belt
  • Cover thickness measurement (upon request)

The assessment and evaluation of the recorded test data provide you with a complete status / test report. By means of an early damage analysis, necessary repair and maintenance work is plannable and can therefore be coordinated in a timely and economical way.

Testing is carried out by our accredited DMT Laboratory for Non-destructive and Destructive Testing - Rope Testing Centre.


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