We test the burning behaviour of materials used in the interior of vehicles, as per ECE R118, RREG 95/28/EC, FMVSS 302, DIN 75200 and ISO 3795 as well as in accordance with vehicle manufacturers’ corporate standards.

The purpose of the tests in accordance with DIN 75200 is to determine the speed at which materials used in vehicle passenger compartments burn when subjected to a small flame.

In addition, we carry out tests to determine fire propagation of electrical cables according to ECE R118, edition 12/2012, section 6.2.6 in conjunction with ISO 6722:2006, section 12.

Also, we are a recognized test center of the FIA (FIA Test House for Extinguisher Systems) and of the DMSB (holding organization for automobile and motorcycle sports) for the testing of extinguishing systems in racing vehicles and fire suppression systems.

Fire Tests of Materials Used in Vehicles (ECE R118)


DMT – Test Body for Fire Protection holds an accreditation according to ISO 17025 issued by German DAkkS under the registration number D-PL-11035-03-00 for the following procedures: ECE R118 annexes 6 and 8, ISO 5658-2 as well as ISO 6722 and ISO 14572. 


Principle: specimens shall represent the intended application

Specimens with the following dimensions are required:

  • ECE R118, annex 6:
    6 specimens 100 x 356 mm per direction/structure of material; maximum thickness 13 mm
  • ECE R118 annex 7:
    10 specimens 70 x 70 mm per material (5 tests of front side and 5 tests of back side); maximum thickness 13 mm
  • ECE R118 annex 8:
    4 specimens 560 x 170 mm per direction/structure of material; maximum thickness 13 mm
  • ISO 6722:
    6 specimens with a length of 650 mm
  • ISO 56858-2:
    6 specimens 798 x 153 per surface; maximum thickness 50 mm

 If the thickness in case of application is higher than maximum thickness given for the specimens, the specimens have to be reduced to maximum thickness from the backside/surface not to be tested.

If it is not possible to get specimens with the required dimensions, please contact us.