Removal or delivery of microbiological samples and their evaluation

We are accredited for these tests according to DIN EN ISO 17025 and have thus demonstrated our independence and competence for these special tests. Our quality is the guarantee for your safety.

Microorganisms can lead to infections and further health impairments. Ventilation systems or evaporative cooling systems (cooling towers) must therefore satisfy hygienic requirements.
These are specified in the VDI Guidelines 6022 and 2047. Proof of compliance with the requirements must be provided by means of maintenance and inspection through regular hygiene inspections, e.g. of the humidifier water.
DMT offers these hygiene examinations & sample materials. The following services are part of our offer:

  • Germination determinations (for example, in humidifier / cooling water) n. VDI 6022 and VDI 2047
  • Legionella determination (for example, in humidifier / cooling water) n. VDI 6022 and VDI 2047
  • (For example, germ count determination on air channel surfaces) n. VDI 6022 and VDI 2047
  • Other germ identifications (e.g., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, mold fungi)
  • Determination of the germ count in the room air

If you would like to take the samples yourself, we offer you the necessary materials as well as an instruction in the handling.


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