Drinking Water Installations

can adversely affect drinking water quality, both chemically and microbiologically. Associated with this are health risks, e.g. By lead or legionella. The Federal Ministry of Health is responsible for approximately 32,000 legionella infections in Germany each year.
The Drinking Water Ordinance therefore requires the building operator to observe the generally accepted rules of technology and drinking water investigations.
For this purpose, larger drinking water installations (storage volumes> 400 l and / or a pipeline volume> 3 liters from the outlet of the storage tank to the last dispensing station) must be tested on legionella, either annually or at least every 3 years.
If the technical measure for legionella is exceeded during these investigations, the operator must also perform a hazard analysis. The drinking water installation is to be checked for compliance with the technical rules, to evaluate defects and to determine measures for remedy.
As an expert company and as a test laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025, we consider ourselves both on expert drinking water investigations as well as on the competent and comprehensive safety assessment of your drinking water installation.

  • Qualified sampling of drinking water according to TrinkwV
  • Microbiological, chemical and physical studies of drinking water
  • Preparation of hygienic plans for drinking water installations
  • Hazard analyzes by experts
  • Hygienic-technical inspections and assessments of drinking water installations
  • Development of sanitation proposals for contaminated drinking water installations
  • Monitoring and control of the sanitation measures


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