Cooling Towers

With the severe legionella eruptions in Ulm (2010) and Warstein (2013), which were associated with deaths and numerous infected persons, re-cooling plants or cooling towers have become a public focus. Both cases of damage show the immense risk potential which can arise from these systems with improper planning, erection, maintenance and especially the operation.

With the VDI 2047 part 2 "Refrigeration units - Ensuring the hygienic operation of evaporative cooling systems" new requirements have been placed on the safety of these systems since January 2015.

Refrigeration plants are used as refrigeration plants in a variety of processes and applications. From small appliances to large plants with several MW of thermal cooling, according to current estimates several tens of thousands of plants are used in Germany.
It is therefore to be assumed that the risk potential has a supra-regional significance and urgent need for action exists. Various initiatives have been launched by the Federal Government and the Länder to better regulate the safety of these facilities in the future.

The VDI 2047 defines the state of the art, which has a binding significance to meet the responsibility as operator or maintenance engineer. When these requirements are properly adhered to, risks for employees and third parties, For example by legionellae.

For the hygienic operation of recoolers, we offer our customers a service with the experience, quality and safety of an expert company of the TÜV NORD Group.
Our independence ensures that safety is the focus when assessing your assets.
We are limited to services related to the testing and control of recirculation plants, independent of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment (eg biocides). This means in detail:

  • Hazard assessment according to VDI 2047-2 before commissioning as well as for existing facilities with the analysis and evaluation of the risk potential. From this, the necessary measures, Eg for maintenance and operation. Our experts carry out these hazard analyzes for you.
  • Sample service: For the internal microbial controls of the circulatory and supplementary water, which you are to carry out under VDI 2047-2, we offer the necessary material as well as the evaluation of the water samples you have taken in our accredited laboratory. This gives you an independent test report to document your hygiene controls.
  • Sampling: The VDI 2047-2 requires regular external controls in the form of microbiological analyzes (eg legionella) by a laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025. We offer both the necessary sampling as well as the examination in our laboratory, incl. Approved test report.
  • Secure documentation: Our service includes an Internet-based preparation and presentation of the analysis results, eg for the documentation of the "normal state" of the circulating water in relation to the general colony number. This gives you an overview of the examination status of your recooler at any time.


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