Real Scale Fire Tests and Other Special Tests

We offer the following special tests:

Body Protection

  • Flame engulfment testing of breathing apparatus (Flame Engulfment Test DIN EN 137, ISO 16900-10)
  • Testing of fire brigade helmets (Flame Engulfment Test DIN EN 443)
  • Firefighter multipurpose bag (Flame Engulfment Test DIN 14922)
  • Body protection clothing (Police and other) - Fire- and chemicals Tests according to TR2009/Rev. 2011

International Standards

  • IEEE 1202 - IEEE Standard for Flame Testing of Cables for Use in Cable Tray in Industrial and Commercial Occupancies
  • CGA C-14 Procedures for Testing of DOT Cylinder Pressure Relief Device Systems, published by the Compressed Gas Association, Incorporated


  • Gas chromatography

Real-Scale Fire Tests 

  • Extinguisher Systems according to rules by VdS / UL
  • Transport Container (IBC)
  • Household appliance (White goods)
  • Complete car fire testing

In our tunnel systems with up to 90 m length!


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