Testing Services

DMT has long-standing expertise in the testing of aerosol filters for use in commercial kitchens. Its test laboratory for the aerosol filtration tests is accredited by DAkkS according to DIN 18869 sheet 5 (D-PL 11035-01 -00), and is hence the first laboratory in Germany to fully meet the norm requirements for DIN 18869 accreditation.

Thanks to the appropriate test rigs, we can also perform flame resistance testing in line with the American standard UL 1046 or the British Standard LPS 1263. Additionally, DMT can determine the fractional collection efficiency of aerosol filters according to Directive VDI 2052-1. Parallel to this, the pressure loss of the filter as well as the increase in differential pressure caused by a build-up of grease can be ascertained.

Tests for assessing the performance of aerosol separators:

  • DIN 18869-5 (prEN 16282-6):    
    Flame resistance test (grease free) and the integral separation performance
  • UL 1046:    
    Flame resistance test (grease-laden) 
  • VDI 2052-1:
    Determination of the capture efficiency of aerosol separators
  • LPS 1263:
    Aerosol separator classification and certification
  • DIN 18869-7 (prEN 16282-8):
    Testing of installations for aftertreatment of cooking fumes (kitchen exhaust air cleaning systems, for example through UV-C, plasma).

Additional testing services:

  • Sound power level measurement
  • Reliability tests for product optimisation
  • Determining the efficiency of separators for cooling lubricants and other liquid aerosols
  • Odour reduction efficiency measurement.

Customer benefits:

  • Fast and flexible implementation of your testing requirements.
  • Proof of the performance and high quality of your products through test certificates from our independent, accredited test laboratory (confidence for the end-customer).
  • Issuing of certificates and TÜV test marks (in cooperation with TÜV NORD)
  • Benefit from the many years of experience of our engineers and technicians.


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